Northern Ireland Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Moving to this island from the States has been an education.  One of the most delightful things I’ve uncovered about Ireland is the unbelievable amount of creativity there is here.  To be honest, in addition to my accent that labels me the instant I open my mouth, I feel like I am the odd one out on this one as well.  While I am a huge appreciator of creativity, I bear little talent or skill to express it myself.  This island is teeming with painters and ceramicists and letterers and designers – thankfully, the burden of having to be creative to have beautiful things is lifted.  As it is Christmastime, and we are all scouring for gifts for the very loved but very difficult to buy for, I have put together a Christmas gift guide to include some recent discoveries of mine.  Happy gift-giving!

1.  Fawe Collection

We’ve already talked about how special FAWE Collection jewelry is.  Ruth Walker handcrafts pieces that are timeless yet eye catching.  I picked up the Basic 925 for my bestie and can’t wait for her to get them. You heard it here, FAWE Collection is the one to look out for this year. 

2.  Roberta Martina Stitches

Roberta Martina Stitches.  I’m not typically one for embroidery, but you can hardly file these under dowdy and dated.  Roberta’s designs breathe new life into needlework – fresh colors, modern icons, added texture.  They are gorgeous, and unique, and wouldn’t that wee abstract flower piece on the right complement your friend’s gallery wall perfectly?

3.  The Copper Otter

Of the positives Instagram has given to society, contributing to the resurgence of weaving and macrame is one of them.  I’m always drawn in when I see a wall hanging- the texture, colors, intentional imperfections- showing off craftsmanship all while cooly sitting on the wall.  The Copper Otter is a weaver based in Craigavon who did the pieces shown below.  Her palates are dreamy and if you can catch her when her order book is open, your loved one is going to feel very loved.

4.  Rebecca Killen Ceramics

Okay, so her work is on my Christmas list (Christmas baubles or bay collection trinket dish if your interested- thanks in advance.)  She marries the past and the present with her signature milk bottles decorated in bright lines of cobalt.  Special pieces that you admire and swoon over but never really buy for yourself- perfect for a Christmas gift.

5. Creando Penasumus

Because how sweet is that fox?  She has handpainted notebooks, beautiful art prints, and as an aside, has a pretty great Instagram that is beautiful and thoughtful.  

Bonus:  Scurry Home & Paper

Even though this seems like a shameless plug, let’s be honest- stationery really is so giftable, isn’t it?  We all use paper and pen on a daily basis.  Having a memo pad with hand painted illustrations makes a task list for the day feel a little less mundane, a little more inspired. With Christmas being so near the start of the New Year, you can give tools to organise your favourite bright-eyed New Year’s Resolution maker.  

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