Meet the Maker: Lynsey Auld, Belfast-based Mixed Media Artist

Lynsey Auld, Belfast-based mixed media artist, has one of the most mesmerising Instagram accounts you will find.  Our husbands know each other, but she and I never met until her art show a couple months ago (though I had been Instagram-stalking her for months prior). The fantastic part about having a Maker Profile series is I get to use it as a ruse to get to know people I think are cool.  Care to listen while I nose around her life?  Do read on…

Lynsey, can you tell us about your life behind your art?

I graduated from University of Ulster (Belfast art college) 10 years ago with a BAhons in fine and applied art.  I married Steve in my final year and Since graduating I’ve lived in 8 homes, 4 different countries (Northern Ireland, Madagascar, USA, England) and have had 3 kids a 6, 5 and a 2 year old. Its been busy but I’ve always managed to squeeze in some time to create, teach and sell art in the midst of it all. We are now back living in Belfast, my husband Steve is a pastor of a church in the city and I’m thankful to be able to be at at home each day with the kids and able create and produce in the evenings when they are in bed.

Lynsey Auld Scurry Home Interview

What is your creative process?

My creative process always starts with my surroundings. I typically get inspired visually by being outdoors and observing different colours, textures, compositions and moods. For example I might see a tree against a sky and love how the green tree and purply grey sky colour complement each other. I recently saw an old door and loved the texture of the flaky paint and how the 2 different colours of paint worked together.  If I have a sketch book handy I will record it and bring it back to my work space.Lynsey Auld Scurry Home Interview

I always love it when a I’m happy with a piece of work and send it off to the framers but I do think that I enjoy the process a wee bit more than the completed piece.

I remember learning at art college to never be too precious about your work so I love it when in scrapping something by painting over or having the freedom to dramatically change a piece ends up with a  better result than previous.

In my experience I believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone is often a winner when it comes to art! 

Where do you get your inspiration?

Being outdoors is mostly where I get my inspiration along with observing other artists. I’m a J.M.W Turner fan, I love the way he captures mood and atmosphere in his paintings.

Some artists on Instagram that inspire me are @papercoversrock – her colour choice and colour combinations are beautiful.  Lisa House is an exceptional artist with gorgeous mood and texture- I always want to visit the places she paints. And then there is Margo van Erkelens.  Her paintings are so elegant and classy.

Other local artists that are worth checking out  are White Chalk Studio, Jude Fenton and Alison McIlkenny. They each have their own beautiful unique style.

What are you working on now?

This summer I’ve taken a break from doing commissions (just until September!) and have been spending some time trying to expand my colour palette I’ve been recently feeling that my work has become a bit samey.  I’ve been enjoying working on abstracts.

I love it when abstracts come alive, some of the  time I will admit that they are flat and dead but when the right balance of colour with the perfect composition and the right amount of texture works its a beautiful thing.

Again I’ve been abstracting colour and texture from my surroundings mainly that of landscapes and loving this little time of experimenting in this area.

Lynsey Auld Scurry Home Interview

Do you listen to anything in the studio?(

I absolutely love that in creating you can also listen so at the moment I am enjoying listening to really anything from sovereign grace to George Ezra. I also love listening to  good sermon and I find that learning more about Jesus and his beautiful compelling character as I paint is always wonderful for the soul!

(For a wee taste of George Ezra…)

Lynsey will soon have a website up showcasing her work.  Once it is up, I will edit this post with the link so you can find her.  Until then, here is a picture of a bull…

Lynsey Auld Scurry Home Interview

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