Scurry Home & Paper Gift Guide: gifts for the hard to buy for

We all have those people who are hard to buy for.  Maybe it’s because they are in a phase of life we don’t relate to.  Maybe it’s because we don’t know them well.  Maybe it’s because, as loveable as they are, they treat themselves so much, there isn’t anything left to give that they might want or need.  Maybe it’s because they are- dare I say it?…grumpy? 

Gorgeous stationery is the perfect gift for the hard to buy for.  We all use paper on a daily basis- scribbling down lists, writing out instructions, jotting down a note- making that paper pretty makes these mundane tasks seem a little more glam.  I’ve pulled together some gems from the shop I plan on giving out this holiday season and could help you out, too.  Just pick one, click buy, and be done with it knowing you have a winner.

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