Maker Profile: Crystal Sanford of Heirloom Design House

Crystal Sanford of Heirloom Design House designed what Martha Stewart deemed the Best Mixed Bouquet of 2017.  I get to call Crystal a dear friend of mine, and while that sadly does not make me a creative genius by association, it does mean I get to interview her for Scurry’s first Maker Profile.  I’ll take it.

What sources do you get most inspired from?

Sounds cliche but nature is of course my biggest constant inspirations. I love being outside and observing all Gods wonderful creations: plants and trees, the forms they make and how they integrate with one another, the way water moves, and wind blowing things, like a curtain. 

I am a big people watcher too. I love observing how people live.

I am also a bit of a print hoarder. I love going through magazines, old and new, and pinning up fav pics on a board for a little dose of daily inspiration.  I actually don’t use Pinterest nearly as often as I should I guess. Only if I am looking for something super specific. I really dislike sitting at a computer so it’s a bit of a drag to get me to sit down and focus on it. Trying to work on that though!

 Floral Designer Interview

What are your fave color palates/trends?

Super inspired by monochromatic palettes right now. With shades, tints and tones of the main color. Beautiful.

For home I have always loved desaturated tones. Like Bone, Greige, Deep Atlantic, Navy, Warm Black, Deep Forest Green, with warm wood tones and the a pop of red.  Oh and pink funny enough. Especially a soft nude pink. I never really preferred pink growing up but in recent years have really fallen in love with the color.

What are your favourite classics?

Red lipstick. My favorite is Nars Jungle Red pencil with Nars Heat Wave over it. 

A denim or chambray button up shirt. My closet is full of them. I’m like a cartoon character.

Linen sheets. I prefer linen year round, it’s like butter on your skin. Hmmm. Why do people say that? I would hate butter on my skin. So greasy. It’s like a rose petal on your skin.

What are you loving right now?

Book- just started Quiet by Susan Cain and I am loving it. It’s about introverts, I am only a few chapters in but I feel like it gets me.

Recipe: These little fruit cups from (my favorite) Ina Garten. I use whatever fruit I have and mix a little plain Greek yogurt with lemon curd to add to it and a little fresh mint julienned. Sooo good!

Cards: always been a fan of MikWright cards. They take a vintage photo and create a funny caption for it. I also love the darling illustrations on Peskimo cards – too cute!

Journal: obsessed with the Marble journals by Katie Leamon,


I am also a fan of most linen covered bound book style journals.

Also I am really obsessed with day planners. I get excited every year when I comes time to pick a new one. And sometimes I am really sad to part with the previous years. It must be bound like a book- no spirals for me. This year I have the Royal Horticultural Society Desk Diary 2018 and I love that every other page is a botanical illustration.

I wish they had an address book version that I liked. I have been on the hunt for an address book.

Also for inspiration I LOVE the Netflix show Chef”s Table. Super inspirational. I just love anything to do with someone mastering a craft. The stories of the hard work it takes and the moment when everything changed for them and success found them.


Music- Here are a few current playlist staples:

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